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Expert Residential Gutters in Philadelphia, PA

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Are your gutters in need repairs or even replacement?  Tufano & Sons has over 15 years experience in Philadelphia, PA repairing and replacing local homeowners gutters.  Such type of repair services should be performed by our experts and some times you would be better off totally replacing a portion or all of your gutter altogether.  Here are some things to look for to know if you are in need of expert Philadelphia, PA gutter repair or a total replacement.

Gutter Repairs in Philadelphia, PA

One of the most popular gutter problems is sag or leaning from the house.  This is usually caused by a broken spike or gutter hanger, so fixing it really can be as easy as replacing the spike or hanger.  Different sizes of spikes to screw in to the holes are available if you spike holes have become too loose or worn to use traditional nail-in spikes.

Tufano & Sons with over 15 years experience knows that leaks are also a sign that you need a repair and can be as easy as resealing a joint or patching a hole.  BUT, if you have poor pitch in your gutter or the alignment is off, you are best calling us immediately at 267-494-9494 .  Poor pitch will be discovered if you notice water pooling in your gutters when there is not a clog or a blockage.  Pitch adjustment is a tedious process and best handled by a our gutter repair experts.

Gutter Replacement in Philadelphia, PA

Gutter Replacement and Installation are always an option and here are situations that could warrant gutter replacement altogether.

  • If you notice a crack in your gutter, you are probably better off replacing that section.
  • If you notice nails or screws on the ground frequently or that your gutters are becoming separated even after repairs, they are probably in need of replacement.
  • If your gutters are pulling away from your roof or if you notice that you have a several broken fasteners, it is probably time for replacement.


k-style-gutter Size: 5″ seamless (residential) and 6″ seamless (large residential/commercial)

Materials: Aluminum, Steel, and Copper



Size: 5″ sectional (residential) and 6″ sectional (large residential/commercial)

                                              Materials: Steal and Copper

 No matter what problem you have with your gutters, give Tufano & Sons Roofing & Siding a call at 267-494-9494 for quality gutter repairs, replacement & installation in Philadelphia, PA today!

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